Rome’s False Dichotomies

Since the early days Rome’s most successful strategy of subjugating and oppressing you has been its long standing policy of divide and conquer. The main tool it uses for such aims is to present the public with false dichotomies. For example we are being asked to choose between the “evil Russia” and the “righteous Ukraine”. We are also being asked to choose between Israel and Palestine. Between America and China. Are there really only two choices in all these false dichotomies? Is there no third choice?

I ask you to give due consideration to the following question. Who benefits from all of these conflicts regardless of which side you choose? In every case the answer is Rome the architect of all these conflicts and divisions. The Romans are more than happy to sit back and watch Jews and Arabs slaughter each other. They take great delight in watching Ukrainian Slavs and Russian Slavs engage in a civil war against each other. Their stooge Adolf Hitler made no secret of the Roman belief that Slavs are subhuman only fit for slaughter or slavery. If the economic rivalry between America and China one day escalates to a nuclear exchange Rome’s power will only increase as a result of the mutual decision to commit suicide of the Chinese and the Americans. We saw a similar strategy in the Cold War. After Rome lost World War Two its divide and conquer strategy was to present the world with the false dichotomy of capitalism versus communism. The result of a nuclear exchange between America and the Soviet Union would have been a clear win for Rome.

So I would like to present to you a third option to all the false dichotomies Rome presents you with. Oppose Rome! Fight Rome! Bring peace to the world by eliminating the real source of everything that is wrong with this world!

Arise nations against Rome

The title of this post may be misleading to some. The wording might lead some to believe that the instruction is directed at the governments of the 193 nations recognized by the United Nations. Actually the instruction is directed at the subjugated, divided and oppressed peoples of the original 70 nations that came out of our righteous common ancestor Noah. Almost everything you believe to be true is not true because Rome has been working hard to fill your heads with lies for thousands of years. Your national identity is fake. It is an invention of the Romans in accordance with their long standing divide and conquer policy. Your real national identity is one of the 70 nations mentioned above.

It is not the year 2024. We humans have a 5784 year history at the time of writing. It is not the month of May. This abstract concept does not even align with any kind of lunar cycle. It is an invention of the Romans. The month is Iyyar. Iyyar is a real month which corresponds to a real lunar cycle. These Romans cannot even tell you the truth about what time of day it is. Midday will not be the middle of the day and midnight will not be the middle of the night.

Rome has four branches of power that pretend to be independent. The executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the fourth which no one likes to talk about is the religion. Of these four branches of power perhaps the one with the biggest weight is the religion. The religion of Rome is the only religion in the world that has official diplomatic relations with other states. With a power base of over 1.3 billion people that it does not even grant citizenship to such that they would have a right to enter their sovereign territory they are completely unrivaled both in terms of the sheer size of their power base and in their lack of respect for such.

The main political tool they use to subjugate populations around the world is the notion of so called democracy. They offer you a system where every so often you are presented with a short list of candidates approved by them and you basically get to choose who is going to be your dictator for the next few years. At least that is the system that is presented to you. Don’t be surprised to learn that the results of the election in many cases were predetermined. We are supposed to believe that this ideology when spread to the ends of the earth is going to create some kind of utopia and so it is worth all the wanton bloodshed to oppose evil regimes of dictators, authoritarians or even different types of democracy that don’t match our model and to force our political system on the newly conquered territories.

The whole idea behind so called democracy is that we human beings know best what our laws should be and our Creator gets no say in the matter. This concept was first introduced by Nimrod and the result was a world full of idolatry. In modern times we see the results of this ideology. It is legal for a man to have an adulterous relationship with another man’s wife. A man can marry another man. A woman can marry a woman. If a man decides he is a woman and cuts his bits off we are compelled to reinforce his delusion by referring to him as she. If you do not see the complete lunacy of the aforementioned this article is not for you.

However, the good news is that this political model is extremely fragile. It is a system based on consent, your consent. Without the consent of the masses the entire system collapses. Do not give your consent. If you have already given it retract it. Do not support these evil Roman regimes by contributing to their treasury. That’s right! Stop paying taxes. Your money will invariably be used to subjugate more and more people around the world. Find like minded people who also will not give their consent to be subjugated and oppressed and make alliances with them. And finally descend on Rome and put it back under the sea from whence it came.

Once you come to understand the vastness of the sphere of influence of Rome, the temporary city, you may become intimidated and believe their is no hope of defeating them and liberating yourself and others from their grip of power. Alas do not despair because the seemingly mighty Rome is actually the most vulnerable city in the world. It is built on an artificial land mass which is mostly made up iron and clay. This is why there are no naturally occurring springs under the city of Rome and its surrounding areas. In fact, you have to drive some distance from the city before you will be able to find a spring. Because this is an artificial land mass it is not connected with the underground water system which feeds the springs around the world. This artificial land mass is destined to return under the sea and when that happens the whole empire of lies that the Romans have created will collapse and the knowledge of our Creator will fill the earth like waters cover the oceans.

Arise nations against Rome.